Sunday, June 27, 2010

Drooling Over Growing Veggies

It's been a few weeks since we harvested 1 pole bean from the plants. Finally, we have started seeing signs of new growth! I'm practically drooling over these beans, hopefully they will get big soon so we can harvest them. We are learning a lot about what works and doesn't in the garden. I can't wait until next year, I have so many lessons learned!


  1. Good, hopefully you'll have a huge meal of them soon!

  2. Our beans are just now beginning to come in-congrats on yours too!!

  3. Your Veggie Gardens look great. I dream all the time while walking around the veggie garden. Just thinking what I might get next to eat. I too am learning all the time about growing veggies. My father was the Vegtable Farmer. I'm learning too every year. I put in a few beets but I'm not sure I'll even get one. I love pickled beets, I might have to go to the farmers markert :) Keep'em coming, enjoying your blog.


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