Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2nd Harvest: Bean + Lettuce

I'm totally behind on blog posts. This happened a few days ago. This was our 2nd harvest so far this season. We actually got one pole bean! Woot Woot! It's very exciting. We also picked a handful of lettuce, Green leaf and arugula is in the mix. The pole beans were off to a slow start because we haven't been getting much sun, but hopefully it will take off soon.


  1. It's exciting to get those first crops isn't it!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed you have beans already!

  3. Hi Meemsync,
    I've enjoyed reading your posts about what's growing in your garden. I love your enthusiasm and excitement over your harvest, even if it's one bean. I still do that!

    I stopped to comment here because lettuce is one of my favorite things to grow. I get out as early as February to plant seeds in at least a small area, and they come up when the soil is warm enough. When the plants are a couple inches high, I start thinning them, pulling the roots of as I go, and enjoy eating the thinnings. We had a shorter season this year, because all the snow we had prevented me from getting them planted early. Now, our hot afternoons are causing the lettuce to get bitter and start to bolt. I still have a few days left to harvest, though.

    Yours sure is pretty! Thanks for your comment on my camera critters.


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