Saturday, June 19, 2010

You say tomato, I say tomato

The tomato plants are doing great. All of the sudden, they went from this...

To this!

This morning I saw that there were flowers on the bigger plants, and I even saw a teeny, tiny tomato growing. Woot, woot. We have a mixture of Romas, and a variety pack of Heirlooms growing. The variety seed pack was purchased from Gurney's and has a bunch of different kinds of heirlooms from brandywine to krim. We don't know what type we have growing until they start fruiting. So exciting!

We saw in a magazine article a garden that used post and twine instead of cages for the tomato vines to hold onto. We tried it and the plants are actually too large and heavy for the twines, so we are going to abandon this idea and get some tomato cages afterall.
In between the tomato plants is a marigold plant that I grew from seed. So nice to see it flowering! I bought this marigold seed packet of seed for only .20 cents. Sweet!


  1. How cool to see how well all of them are doing!

    It is going to be a very interesting season(s) for gardeners -

    I can't wait to see them develop!

  2. Thanks for visiting Keewee's Garden. To answer your question about the strawberry runners, click on the link on the strawberry post to see what I did with mine. Once the little plants have rooted and grown a little, I cut them away from the mother plant,let them grow a little more in their pots, then plant them out in the fall.


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