Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pole Beans!

Since this is our first year gardening, we've spent a lot of money on start up costs, such as fencing, gardening tools, tiller, seeds, plants, etc. So we are trying to conserve money where ever possible. Instead of buying a trellis from the store, we decided to make our own by using branches we pruned from our trees in the backyard. We took 3 branches and wrapped galvanized wired around the top. They are working out great, the pole beans have begun climbing up around the branch. So awesome!
Here, is a close up photo of the green bean plant. See how the vine is reaching out to the branch. Neat!

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  1. I see you have a fence to keep the rabbits out. Was it a pain to put around? Did you put it a couple inches deep? Is it working to keep rabbits out? I am having more rabbit damage than usual this year. In the past, I have planted extra lettuce for them in hopes of them leaving other things alone, but they like to have variety in their diets, which has limited my variety of crops from the garden.


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