Friday, June 4, 2010

Success! Our first harvest!

It's our first year ever having a garden, and it's been a lot of hard work. We know very little about gardening, everything we know is from what our parents taught us growing up in the suburbs. However, for the last 6 years, we've lived in Brooklyn, with no access to gardening except for our window sill. But now we have a yard and it's been an adventure. It was a lot to learn. We had to remove the sod, till the earth, build a fence, but at long last, we have success! Our first vegetable harvested! We got 7 whole radishes!
How exciting it was for us to actually pull the radishes out of the ground.

Upon doing a Google search, we learned that the radish greens are also edible!! Score, 2 vegetables for the price of one! We sauteed the greens and they are indeed delicious!!

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  1. HOORAY! They look fantastic! (And I don't even like radishes :)


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