Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Starting to Feel Like a Bunny Rabbit

I've never been big on salads. I like them, but it's not anything I crave. Don't get me wrong, I love my veggies! I'm just more of a cook my vegetable kind of a gal, than a eat raw veggies person. However, having a garden for the first time, has inspired me to be more salad centric. Today, we had a good harvest, all things perfect for a nice organic salad.

We picked this from the garden... Our first of the season. Disappointingly small, but very tasty.

Here's the salad I made for me and the hubby. Black simpson lettuce, green leaf lettuce, carrots, cucumber, and beets and string beans which I sauteed with a bit of Olive oil, s+p and seasoning. I don't know, maybe it was the 94 degree weather or the fact that everything was pulled from the garden, but somehow this was the best salad I ever ate!!


  1. You'll never be happy with store bought lettuce again! You can definitely taste the difference.

  2. I love garden harvest salads! Yours looks yummy and very well color balanced. What kind of dressing did you use?

  3. I bet some chevre would have SOOOOO gone with that!

    Maybe you need some goats now!

  4. Home grown is so much better than bought vegetables and salad greens. You also never know what sort of poisons you get. When you grow it yourself you can control what you eat. With time you find that you don't like the bought veggies any more, because they have not much taste.

  5. Yum, tasty looking salad. There is just something appealing about going out to the garden to pick your own veggies. They taste so much better. :)

  6. I feel the same way about salad. Actually, I didn't start eating them till I was over 25 years old.

    LOL...my husband thru a package of carrot seeds in his asparagus bed a couple of years ago. He forgot about them. Right before fall he was cleaning the bed and saw orange. Dug up a couple that looked like a softball. Short and fat.

  7. Salad from your own garden sure beats anything you can buy from the supermarket.
    Yours sure looks very tasty.


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