Friday, June 10, 2011

Grow Pumpkin Grow

The one plant that is doing really well in the garden are the pumpkins.  These seedlings were given to me by my cousin.  She didn't know what type of variety this pumpkin is, but that it is a Japanese variety.  Upon Googling "Japanese Pumpkin" I'm guessing that it is a Kabocha, this type of pumpkin is commonly used in tempura.  Yum!  My cousin says it's very sweet and tastes a lot like butternut.  Yum, I know, I'll like it already!
I have 5 plants in the garden bed.  For some reason, one of the plants is super small compared to the others.  See the small one on the top right corner?  They were all planted at the same time, I wonder why the other one is such a midget.


  1. There is a runt in the litter. I wonder why too. I guess time will tell if it catches up with its siblings, who, by the way, look very healthy indeed.

  2. Looking good!! My kabocha plants are still inside. I'm hoping to plant them out this weekend! *sigh*

  3. I'm loving the sound of it too. I hope it grows well for you and you have plenty of dishes to make with it.

  4. I just realized I didn't plant any pumpkin seeds even though I have a few cool varieties saved. Yours are looking good.

  5. I'm not sure why the one plant is smaller, but I know that happens with other plants, too. I have some plants that are different sizes. Sometimes it has to do with how close they are to each other, and which plants take in more of the available nutrients. I think that's right, anyway.


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