Wednesday, June 8, 2011

They Must Had Really Loved Blue!

As I look at the flowers blooming in the side garden, I noticed something interesting. The previous owners of this house must have really loved blue!  Here are some bluebells.  They are quite dainty and pretty.  Behind the bluebells are some iris plants, I haven't seen these irises bloom at all, and this is my 2nd spring here.
On the other side of the side garden are these other Blue bearded irises.  These are so pretty, too bad the blooms don't last that long.  These are the only ones that seem to bud like clockwork.
Okay, this is not quite blue, but a purple iris.  Pretty nonetheless.
And blue spiderwort.  There are a lot of spiderworts growing all over the property.  These things multiply like crazy!  One of my tasks in the future is to tackle the side garden, I want to add some different perennials to the mix.  Especially some blooms that aren't blue.  I just don't have the heart to pull all the iris plants, even the ones that haven't bloomed...I'm curious to see if they ever will bloom in the future.


  1. Love the photos..;o) the bluebells are so adorable...

  2. If irises get crowded they will stop blooming. They need to be dug up and divided and replanted, then they will start blooming again.

  3. I've been in the process of reclaiming the yard from 5 years of neglect due to fishing, hunting and horse showing....

  4. The blue bells are so pretty. I am sad to say that Irises need regular upkeep. You need to remove the old tubers, cut off the new shoots and replant them. This is best done in fall. Old tubers will not produce flowers. Your iris is pretty and would be worth the effort.

  5. Hahaha! I LOVE blue! Blues and purples in the garden are my favorite. But I know it's nice to mix some other things in there too ;)

    Funny - we have bluebells as well, but they are such a pale blue they are almost "whitebells."

    Also, the iris foliage behind your bluebells looks exactly like the ones I have, which I just got this spring from a sale - they haven't bloomed either, or even grown much. Bummer. I hope you see yours do something later this month!

  6. Maybe the iris aren't getting enough sun to bloom. Just a thought. I bet that purple beauty has a wonderful scent. Isn't it fun to "inherit" so many beauties?


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