Monday, June 6, 2011

The Wait Has Ended

The wait has ended.  The buds on the rescued mystery climbing rose bush were ready to bloom.  I absolutely love, love, love the rich red color.
It's so pretty!  It was so worth the wait!  I am so pleased that we were able to rescue this rose bush and that it is actually blooming!
Here's a closeup of one of the roses.  When opened, it's much lighter than the deep red of the bud.
Isn't it gorgeous how many blooms it has?  It is quite beautiful!  I was hoping for some blooms but this is more than I expected.  What an amazing surprise!
I did notice one thing that concerned me about the rose bush.  On some of the leaves, there were blackspots and the leaves were turning yellow.  I know that some roses are susceptible to blackspots.  For your rose growers out there, do you have an organic method of getting rid of this?  I read that manure tea helps, have you tried that?


  1. You could try these....

  2. Great rescue operation. Not sure how to tackle the blackspot though as I am also new at growing roses.

  3. I do love the color the of the rose bud!

  4. Beautiful. Definately worth rescuing.

  5. Lots of roses get what's called Blackspot. It usually occurs on the older leaves. Take them off and throw them away and spray the good leaves with a fungicide. There are organic recipes or you can buy it pre-mixed. There are a lot of disease resistant roses on the market. Since yours is a rescue [Kudos!] and you're not sure of its identity it's hard to know whether it's resistant or not. Time will tell. I've found that many of my roses start out with blackspot but as they mature, after a few years, they don't get it anymore. BTW, the blossoms are GORGEOUS.

  6. Oooh! What a beauty! I looks to be a deeper, darker red than my Mystery Rose after all, although that shot of the really open, lighter and brighter flower is pretty close. At any rate, it's beautiful! Very exciting that it has bloomed and done so well. Not sure what to do about that blackspot, but here is some info my friend Bev gave me about my rose when I asked her "flowers are done blooming - what do I do next?" She says:

    "Roses of all types can be deadheaded by cutting back to the first leaflet with 5 leaves. You may get more blooms soon. Make a cut about 1/4" from the 5-leaf branch. If there is any deadwood hanging around remove it for best air circulation. Remove any fallen foliage that looks yellow or spotted. (Fungal spores can multiply and jump back onto the base of the rose canes and spread upward to foliage.)"

    Hope that helps!

  7. I'm glad I made it here to this post to see how your rescued rose is doing. I didn't realize how far behind I had gotten. How cool that the rose is blooming, and such beautiful flowers! I see you got some information about the possible disease. I don't know about things like that. I hope it doesn't get more of that on it.


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