Friday, June 17, 2011

Here they come!

Back in April, I did a plant exchange with Bucolic Bushwick.  One of the plants she gave me was a Sungold Tomato.  The day has come, fruits are forming!  Check out the baby tomatoes growing, this photo was taken about 1 1/2 weeks ago!
Here are the same tomatoes today.  I am anxiously waiting for them to change color so I can try these beauties!  I've never tasted Sungold Cherry Tomatoes before, but everyone raves about them.  I am so beyond excited!  I plan to save some seeds if I like this cherry tomato.  (Annie's Granny left a comment stating that Sungold is a hybrid, so seeds collected will not be true to the parent plant. I guess I won't be collecting seeds afterall.)
This was my first experience trading plants, and I must say it's awesome!  It lets you try out a variety of plant that you don't already have.  If you can trade plants with your friends, family, neighbors, definitely do it!!!


  1. I'm so jealous! I was just looking at all my 'mater plants today thinking they dont look so hot :/

  2. I can't wait to hear about them! I want to try Sungold and Matt's Wild Cherry next summer. I have heard such great things.

  3. Sungold is an F1 Hybrid, so the plants from its seeds probably won't resemble the parent plant. You'd get some type of cherry tomato, but it wouldn't be a true Sungold. You need to buy seeds for it if you want to grow the same thing next year.

  4. There is a sister-plant called 'Sun Sugar' [also a goldie] that I'm growing. Flowers but no fruit yet. I look forward to hearing your opinion on 'Sun Gold'. I've heard good things about it too.

  5. Thanks Annie's Granny for teaching me something new.

    Can't wait to hear how they turn out. My dad used to grow a yellow type of cherry tomato. I don't know what version, but they were wonderful.

  6. I have tried these and love them too, and this year I have planted the 'sun sugar' that Grace mentions. I think I like this one equally as well.

  7. I usually refrain from growing cherry tomatoes but everyone is so keen on these Sun Gold cherries that I had to give them a whirl too. I have several plants growing in the garden and like yours they are setting fruit (despite our abnormally cool spring/early summer). They have proven to be a vigorous and tough growing plant and if the fruits are anywhere as good as every one claims, they will have a future spot in my garden line up.

  8. I don't think I saw those available around here. I don't do seeds very well.


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