Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Strawberry Jam, Here I Come

The strawberries are turning red and getting ripe. I love seeing all this red, in a sea of green leaves. I am a bit frustrated though because every other strawberry I go to pick off the plant has bites in them from bugs.  How incredibly annoying and frustrating!
If it's not bugs, we have other pests like squirrels and birds.  I found 3 strawberries at the other side of the garden near the pole beans, a whole 20 feet away!  What the hell!
Whoever ate this enjoyed it I'm sure.  Why it didn't eat the whole thing, I have no clue.  Stupid pests!
It is nice to see a few perfect strawberries amongst all the ruined ones.  I would like to see more perfect ones though.  Today, I'm going to the hardware store to pick up some Diatomaceous Earth to sprinkle all over the ground.  I want to kill all those stinky bugs that are ruining my harvest.  It's war you stupid bugs, eat while you can, because I'm out to get you.
I did manage to harvest 1.5 pounds of strawberries.  Don't these look just amazing?
Since I didn't have enough berries yet to make jam with, I cleaned all the berries and threw them into a freezer bag. I'll freeze them until I have enough berries to make a nice batch of strawberry jam.  Oooh I can hardly wait.


  1. Great strawberry harvest! I don't mind them eating the whole thing. But get annoyed if they just taken a little bite.

  2. Yup, jam season is ramping up here too! I know what you mean about the pests - how annoying eh? Around here everybody is putting their strawberries 'up" in troughs and planters. I should do mine too...

  3. These are absolutely beautiful. I have the exact same problem with the bugs, and every other one being chewed on. I've got a bird netting cage around mine to keep the squirrels and birds off of them though... good luck with your jam!

  4. You're getting a good harvest despite the bugs. We're enjoying strawberries too. We're eating them so fast, I doubt any will go in the freezer.

  5. Strawberries look great! That pesticide -is that organic? Mine are still blooming, did you cover yours from the birds?

  6. YUM! Nothing like fresh grown, ripe berries.
    I've read that small critters need water but if they can't find it they will eat your juicy fruits. Place low dishes of water around the garden to quench their thirst. Not sure if it helps.

  7. yay! We got a lot of strawberries this year (year 2). They're just about done. Just made some ice cream last night! Have fun with your jam-making!

  8. These look delicious. I would have eaten them. I admire your discipline. Hopefully your DE will help and the critters will find some other garden to maraud. :)


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