Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hibiscus Show

The hibiscus is putting on a show. I love this plant!  When it flowers, it really puts on a display.  I was so worried about this plant when it was indoors over the winter, it was plagued with aphids.  It has bounced back so well!  It grew all new leaves and not it's flowering!  Woohoo!  One of the great things about hibiscus, is that this plant will flower all summer long, like it did for us last year.  It really is such a beauty!


  1. I forgot my potted Hibiscus, and left it outside over the winter. I will have to buy a new one.

  2. What a stunning hibiscus! I love them too. Do you bring yours in over winter?

  3. I have hibiscus outside and they sprout back again in spring and put on a show all summer long. Is yours a tropical variety? I think mine are korean, very hardy to our zone.

  4. I just found a Painted Lady Hibiscus plant on the clearance plant rack at Lowe's for $5! I noticed it looks a lot like yours!
    It just needed a little deadheading and water. You can see it here:


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