Friday, June 24, 2011

Horseradish Replanted

I took these photos to show Allison over at The Life of a Novice how I planted our horseradish roots.  It's my first year growing these roots and I was told that they are really invasive.   We bought 5 horseradish roots, and I originally had all 5 roots in a 12 inch pot.  But that was temporary until we could buy a half wine barrel. I looked high and low for a half wine barrel, and got one from the Christmas Tree Shop for a great deal, $20!  I always find great gardening deals there.  We replanted 3 roots in the wine barrel.  I just love how great the leaves look. I wonder how much fuller it will grow.  It's very tropical looking! We had 2 more roots, so we put one root each in it's own 12 inch pot.
Here's a view from the other side of the barrel.  I'm actually not sure when or how to harvest the roots, I'll have to do research about it.  If you grow horseradish and have some tips about harvesting, I'd be glad to hear about it!  Also, are these roots hardy enough to withstand Northeast winters?  Since they are perennials, I'm guessing it should be.


  1. They are looking great. What a deal on the barrel too.

  2. We grow horseradish here in the midwest where we're zone 5a. I'm guessing it should be fine for you. I planted horseradish last year but haven't harvested any yet. My parents have had it forever. I've never know it to be invasive but it is nearly impossible to get rid of once you've planted it. Any tiny little piece of root left will grow into a new plant but it doesn't really wildly spread (not like lemon balm or any other mint).
    I'm probably going to wait until next year to dig any roots from mine. I planted it at the end of the summer last year. I got the plant at the end of the year deep discount at a local garden center. I'll be interested to see what you learn about harvest.

  3. Thanks Mimi!! I have been checking freecycle and craigslist to get a barrel like that -- no luck yet. Your's looks great; I agree...they do look like a tropical plant!

  4. It's a great looking plant. Can't wait to hear what you learn about it.

  5. I've been growing horseradish for about three years now in my Zone 8 garden--not much help with the hardiness factor. I keep mine in a smallish container and it grows big and seems happy. I love the foliage. I don't harvest mine. I just like the looks of the thing. :)

  6. Oooh! Those are going to be some good bloody marys someday! ;)


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