Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Ugly Flower Garden is Blooming

Earlier this month, I wrote about how I really hate the front flower garden because nothing was in bloom and I was waiting for the bulb leaves to turn brown so I could snip them off.  It was a hot mess and totally embarrassing!  Finally, the perennials started to bloom, so it looks a little better but actually, it still looks like crap, but at least there are flowers now.
The Asiatic Lilies that I planted last year came back so much nicer!  I really need to get and plant more of these!
I had planted some shasta daisies in the back of the garden last year, and had no idea how tall they get! They are giant!   I need to do some research about designing a perennial flower bed.  This looks just horrible!  I want to fill in the front space with some perennial flowers that will bloom and re-bloom all summer long.  I like the look of English gardens, I'm planning to add Foxgloves and Delphinium to the bed.  I think I should pull some of these lilies and re-plant them.  Perhaps plant them all in one grouping?  (sigh) Does any of you have any recommendations for good English garden design books?
In the side garden, the orange day lilies are blooming.  These were planted by the previous owner.  I really like the look of the lilies.
They look awesome!  I totally love the color!


  1. One plant I'm really impressed with this year is the 'Knock Out' rose. Because it is always in bloom it could be a focal point for your border with perennials that come and go throughout the season. The flowers are about the same color as your lilies so there could be a color echo with them. Also I'd plant a few smallish evergreen shrubs for permanence and maybe a low-growing evergreen groundcover, like Candytuft for edging. Good luck with this project.

  2. Grace has some great ideas about adding some small shrubs. I can't remember if heaths and heathers are hardy there, but they would work. But they absolutely have to be pruned every year after they flower.

    One thing you can do with those shastas next year is cut all the stems back by half some time in May (I think probably May for you, maybe April). They should flower shorter and a little bit later. I agree the lilies should be planted together in one or two clumps.

  3. Some flowerbeds require time, time for us to figure out what we want in them. I've replanted a few beds a few times! Great color in the flowers that are blooming though.

  4. I think if you added some bushy plants that die back every year, you could enjoy your bulbs, and then the foliage of the plants would hide the fading foliage of the bulbs. Catmint is a good one, and some of the threadleaf coreopsis is good, but wouldn't flow over the bulb foliage as much. If you did that, you could even keep the lilies where they are. Knautia is another good one that would flow over the other stuff. There are different sizes of daylilies that may work there, too.

  5. Gorgeous plants is because of your hard work. The flowers are about the same color as your lilies so there could be a color echo with them. Knautia is another good one that would flow over the other stuff.

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  7. You need to trench your flower garden, and have the dirt thicker from the trench line on ward, also put taller flowers in (Back), medium (middle), Low growing (In Front)


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