Monday, June 20, 2011

White Radishes: Easter Egg Blend

Since I had one year of gardening under my belt, this year, I decided to flex my gardening muscles and try some different varieties of the veggies I grew last year.  It's nice to change things up a bit.  I decided to try Easter Egg Blend of Radishes from Botanical Interests.  In the seed packet comes a mixture of red, white, rose-pink, purple, and bi-color (red top, white bottom).  I decided to pull some of the radishes, because the greens were getting so bushy and I didn't want the bulbs to get woody.  I am so loving the white radish!  It kinda looks like a teeny tiny turnip.
Even though the Easter Egg Blend is supposed to be a mixture of colors, surprisingly, all the ones I pulled were white!  So strange!!  Also, some of the bulbs didn't size up even though the greens were nice and bushy.  I wonder why that is?  Even so, nothing goes to waste on this plant.  The entire thing, except for the root part on the very bottom is eaten, greens and all.
I wrote last time how I loved to eat radish greens.  Many of you asked how I eat them.  Normally, I just like to saute the greens in a skillet with olive oil, salt and pepper.  But I've heard that you can also make pesto or soup with radish greens.  I haven't tried those recipes yet, but I want to!  So next time you grow radishes, don't discard the tops... Eat them!
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2011 Harvest Totals:
Radishes - 12 ounces
Strawberry - 6 pounds
Garlic Scapes - 2 pounds


  1. We grew these radishes last year and got a variety of colors, but the growth of the actual radishes were rather funky for us ;)

  2. 6 pounds of strawberries? 2 pounds of scapes? Girl, what are you putting your soil? I have got to copy it =) Great harvest as usual. How many garlic bulbs did you plant?

  3. Great harvest and I love the white radishes! Really glad I found your blog!

  4. Those are new to me. Maybe I should put them on my list for next year. I see you're keeping track of your harvests. That is great. I don't have a scale so I'm not doing that. Just recording what I "put up."

  5. Yea...congrats on some great looking radishes! I've been growing Easter Egg for a few years now and they were a big range of color, but they fared better last year than this year.

    Nice tip on the radish greens. I was pondering using them the other week, but never did. Now I have no excuse :) Happy gardening!

  6. I always look forward to radish top soup each spring. It is often one of the earlier greens so very welcome. I envy your six pounds of strawberries though. I just have to keep telling myself, "next year".

  7. I'm glad the whole thing gets used. Would be a shame to waste those greens.

  8. I've not grown radishes for years and we've recently started eating them - I thought this would be a great year to grow them. I tried whatever seed variety was at the store and hmmmm where are my plants?! Gardening in the PNW frustrates me!

  9. Weird that all the radishes came out white. They aren't one of my favorite veggies so I don't grow them. But beets, yum, roots and greens...

  10. Wow - I've never heard of eating the radish greens before, but why the heck wouldn't you? Thanks for putting the idea in my head. Your radishes look great!


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