Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello Lovely Peaches

The peaches are looking great. They are getting much larger on the tree and it's so exciting!
Just look at these beauties!  They are about the size of golf balls right now.  I wonder when they will be ready to harvest!
I hope I have enough peaches to make jam!  Oooh, peach jam is my favorite!  We've been spraying the tree with organic pesticide every week.  As you can see, the leaves look like swiss cheese from the bugs.  Some of the peaches have also been attacked by bugs.  I just hope the organic pesticide keeps them at bay.  I can't wait to try one of the peaches! 


  1. Wow how awesome - congrats! Peaches are very 'tempermental' to grow :)

    What organic pesticide do you use on them?

  2. Peaches don't do well on our property. Glad you are getting some.

  3. Holy Moses! How old is that peach tree? Glad it came back after last year's storm. They look great already! Peach pie! Peach pie!

  4. Peaches look great! What variety is it? Pls let us know the name of the pesticide.


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