Thursday, June 23, 2011

If Only These Were Edible...

After it rained this week, I noticed these two mushrooms growing in the yard.  They literally grew overnight and they are giant.  I put my spade next to it so you can see how giant it is!  Wild mushrooms grow so fast!  They seem to pop up overnight.  Too bad they are not edible.  They look gorgeous enough to eat.  Though I dare not to.  I don't know anything about identifying wild mushrooms but I do know that unless you can expertly identify them, they should not be eaten since most are poisonous. 
Then the next day, the cap expanded out making the mushrooms even larger.
This photo really doesn't do it justice.  It is so humongous.
Here is my boot next to it, just so you can get an idea of how large it is.  Being that it potentially is poisonous, does anyone know, can you put these into the compost??  Does that affect the compost at all?
Seeing these giant mushrooms form in my backyard makes me really want to get a kit and grow my own edible ones.  Maybe a Portabella mushroom kit like Allison uses in The Life of a Novice.  It grew a big box of mushrooms, so amazing!!  Or try this Oyster mushroom kit that Fern wrote about on Life on the Balcony. I'm also fascinated with getting spores and innoculating a log like how RuralRose grows Maitake mushrooms on Life Through the Cracks. AGWH grows Shitakes on logs on Grow Your Own Food.  I would love to try to innoculate a log and set it and forget it.  Since I can be a bit of a lazy gardener, this would be ideal!  The innoculated logs will continue to grow and regrow the mushrooms,  I love perennials so this would be totally sustainable and awesome.  Do you grow mushrooms?  Do you use a kit?  Or do you buy plugs and innoculate a log?


  1. I have that same spade. I love it. I have mushrooms popping up all over here too. Even in the greenhouse. I look fwd to seeing if anyone has an answer on the compost or not.

  2. Those are huge. I have 2 books, but still am afraid to eat any that are from the wild.

  3. How do you know for certain that they aren't edible? Perhaps you should seek out your nearest Mycological society and ask one of the members to help you identify it. Could be a parasol mushroom or something similar. Though, you're right it could be poisonous. Either way, it would be great to know what it is, right?

    I keep meaning to join my local myco society, but haven't done so. Seems like the dues would certainly be worth it!

    I've spent a lot of money on those mushroom kits, and find they are a pain. I never really got any mushrooms, except for some very bland ones. Wish they were easier to cultivate!

  4. I'm growing the oyster mushroom kits I got from Daphne's give away. It's very easy. I'm wondering if after I use it twice and I compost the coffee grounds whether I'll be inoculating my compost to grow oyster mushrooms.

  5. There are a surprising number of edible mushrooms that grow in urban settings, so it would really be worth your time to seek out the mycological society, or just bring them to the botanical garden, they should have a mushroom expert.
    Chucking mushrooms into the compost is perfectly fine, even if they turn out being poisonous. My compost pile sometimes even 'sprouts' a few. As of yet, none were particularly edible. :(

  6. Wild mushrooms can be delish but you are right to be careful. They look cool though.


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