Sunday, May 29, 2011

DanceAfrica 2011 Bazaar

Yesterday, I went to the DanceAfrica 2011 Bazaar in Downtown Brooklyn sponsored by BAM, the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  "Now in its 34th year, BAM's DanceAfrica festival is a Memorial Day weekend tradition in Brooklyn, packed with dance, music, film, art, and community events from Africa and the diaspora—plus the one-and-only outdoor bazaar of African crafts, food, and fashion."  It was a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for walking around a street fair.
The fair was really crowded, it was hard to go anywhere fast.  That was fine with us, it gave us time to check out all the vendors and what everyone was selling.  There were craft vendors, food vendors and fashion vendors.  All the food vendors were amazing.  I was so mesmerized by this vendor frying fish in his tent.  Talk about "made to order". 
I was also amazed by this vendor selling Coconut water.  He was cutting the tops off the coconuts using a giant cleaver.  It was totally cool.  When he was done cutting a hole, he stuck a straw on the top.  Refreshing!

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  1. When I was in the Dominican Republic in January the staff at the resort would climb up a tree and slice coconuts off with a machete, cut the top off, and present them to guests to sip on, and fill up with rum!


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