Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Garden Beds

After last year's growing season was over, we knew we wanted to add more space to our garden.  We decided to add 4 raised beds outside of the picket fence area that surrounds the vegetable and fruit garden.  This is a photo of the hubs tilling one of the new raised beds.
Here's a photo of all 4 beds just outside the picketed fence area.  The one in the back with the garlic and the one next to it, we added last fall. 
The one next to the garlic, we decided to plant raspberry bushes.  We bought 5 heritage raspberry bareroots from
After about a month in the ground, it started to sprout leaves.
Here's another angle / view of the raised beds.
In another bed, we decided to plant rhubarb.  We planted 3 roots of rhubarb here. I bought the bareroots from The Christmas Tree shop, it was a great price, 3 bareroots for $9.99.  I hope they do better than the ones we bought at  Of 4 roots we bought at Burpee, only 1 came back this year.  So far new leaves have sprouted so I'm hoping for the best with these rhubarb.  I also sowed some seeds of Swiss Chard.  Since rhubarb takes so long to grow and get established, I thought I might as well grow some chard in this bed for the time being.
Even after adding all of these raised beds, I really wish I could add more. It's hard to find space that isn't shady.  We have so many trees on our property.  I'm eyeing you front lawn...


  1. Looks great! That's an awesome price on the Rhubarb and from the Christmas Tree Shoppe too!

  2. That's fantastic! You are becoming a regular urban farm, congrats on those lovely beds!

  3. Your beds look really good! Front lawn, eh? Why not!

  4. Yeah, you really are becoming an urban farm! How jealous am I of your space and those fabulous raised beds? Pretty jealous. =)

  5. the beds look perfect to get dirty in!

  6. I'm impressed that you have one bed reserved for garlic! I'd love to have that many garlic plants! Do they last the whole year? How do you store it? I have only 12 this year, but my plan is to double it every year:)

  7. Looking good up there! I've never tried garlic, but I've been thinking of slipping some under my roses this year. I hear they work well together, but I've never tried it. Maybe that's something to think about if you have to start encroaching on the front yard; mixing flowers with their veggie and herb counterparts!

  8. Everything looks wonderful! You both have really done a very nice job. Go for the front! I tried growing Swiss chard in my front yard, but it only got about an inch tall and stopped growing. I think it was lack of sunshine.

  9. I vote for more raised beds. The lawn has to go!

  10. You are so inspiring! I am determined to do raised beds this year. Working my butt off to finish everything else so I can still have time to make some! They look really good!


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