Saturday, May 7, 2011

Return to Sender

I don't crap in front of my neighbor's front yard, so I don't see why they think it's okay to bring their dog and crap in front of ours.  Here in the city, there are strict laws on picking up after your dog.  You can get a ticket / fine for not doing so.  However, here in Staten Island, the rules seem to be a lot more relaxed because there seems to be more rude offenders of people who don't curb their dog.  Every morning it seems one of the neighbors keeps bringing their dog to our house and allowing them to poop in front of our fence.  They might think this is technically "the street" but the grass in front of our fence is part of our lawn and taken care of by us.  We mow it and we water it. Therefore, it's so rude that some dog owners think it's okay for them to allow their dog to crap in front of our yard and not pick up after them.  The smell is extremely foul, so we end up having to pick it up.  The hubs uses a shovel to discard it into our outdoor garbage can.  If I wanted to pick up dog crap all day, I would have a dog!!  So I made this pretty sad looking sign to put on our fence.  I hope they get the idea.  They are so lucky that I have not seen the offender yet, because I'll have to follow them home and have the poop returned to sender.  


  1. It's a shame some folks are so inconsiderate. I've got the neighbor that lets her dog bark. And bark. And BARK......ALL DAY LONG. Nothing grates on my nerves worse than a dog that NEVER shuts up.
    I swear one of these days I'm gonna blast some opera at her and see how she enjoys it. I can't fault the dog. It's the owner that's an idiot.
    Hope your sign works....though seriously, if they're THAT inconsiderate now, it probably won't change. Sigh.

  2. You go girl! I know your pain....we live in the country and both of our neighbors see now issue with their dogs laying toxic dumps in our yard ALL.THE.TIME. :( It is so aggravating....especially since we take the time to give our dogs healthy food so when they do poo, it doesn't come out like a toxic landmind.

  3. I don't blame you for being ticked off! That is so rude when people don't pick up after their dogs! I hope that they get the message.

  4. In AZ, we had a man from the RV park near us who would put his big dog in his car twice a day, drive him to the front of our property (there is a buffer of tall natural vegetation between us and the road), then let the dog out to run and poop on our property. I got out my camera one day, took a photo of the dog pooping, then confronted the man about what he was doing. When he denied it, I whipped out the proof. He never did it again, but he moved on to another lot down the street!

    Here we have a lovely bike path along the river. There's a man living nearby that has three dogs that he takes from his own yard every day, walks them down to the path, takes of their leashes (we have a leash law) and lets them poop everywhere. One small dog is fond of dropping it right on the paved path. He never cleans up after them, he just leaves it for the river walkers to step in :-(

  5. Good for you! I do hope the sign helps stop the mess on your lawn.

    I am a dog owner and have always picked up after my dog even though we live in the country. We lost the privilege of walking our dogs along the beautiful paths of a nearby farm because other careless owners failed to leash their dogs or pick up after them. Now, no dogs allowed. I don’t blame them.

    I also hate that most of my neighbors allow their dogs to bark all day and night.....I mean, don't they hear them? It is not difficult to teach a dog to stop barking.

  6. Ugh - this sucks. I hear you loud and clear on this one.

    If worse comes to worse (and not that it would work, but it can't hurt) I've seen other people leave out / attach a plastic bag box or dispenser, which they keep stocked, with a sign saying "Don't have a plastic bag to clean up after your dog? Take one of these! Thank you for not leaving your dog's mess behind for us to clean up."

    One of our neighbor's has an officially-made sign attached to a tree in front of his house that says "this tree is under video surveillance...if you do not clean up after dog you will be prosecuted."

    Sadly, not even this has worked. He has come out and confronted people on the spot, given them a bag and made them clean it up...but next time...sure enough, they just leave it there.

    I hope you have better luck!

  7. Rude people probably will ignore it. Hopefully the nice people will get the message.

  8. Good luck! I used to do the tree pits in front of our building. I'd be on my hands and knees working and people would let their dog pee on the plants, right while I was working. Boy did I let them have it! You may have to get angry in person...that seems to work. But I hope the sign does the trick.

  9. I'm so amazed at how rude people are. My neighbor's cat used to dig up my mulch and walk over the hood of my car. When I confronted her about her cat, her response, "How do you know it's my cat?" My response, "I'm looking out the window at it, and nobody else in the neighborhood allows their animals to run around". She had the nerve to get an attitude with me, but her cat no longer digs up my mulch or walks over my car.


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