Monday, May 16, 2011

Back in Action

I love when I start to see the Hostas come back to life.  Here's a photo of it just starting to emerge last month.  I was worried about the Hostas, because last year with the relentless July heat wave, the hot sun burned all the leaves.  I was worried that it killed off the plants.  But low and behold, they are back in action.
Go Hosta Go!  Man, are these hardy plants!  I guess even if the leaves die off, the roots are still strong and alive.
This is what the Hostas look like today.  Full lush and so green.  My sister tells me that Hostas duplicate like crazy, and that every other year, she divides hers and plants them in other areas of her yard.  I should do this next year, although I'm not sure when is the good time to divide them.  Do you divide your Hostas, if so when do you do it?  Should I divide them when they are just starting to come back, or now when they are fully grown?


  1. Hostas are hard to kill! I divide them when they begin coming up in the spring. It's much easier to divide them at that time instead of dealing with the leaves getting in the way. If I don't want to dig up the whole clump, I have a small hand saw I use to cut through the solid mass of roots to get chunks of them out.

  2. I've divided hostas both coming up and fully up. They need a TON of water if you're going to do it when they are large. They'll wilt like crazy for a week or so, but do come back strong.
    I used to wonder why they charged so much for hostas, but now realize that as fast as they multiply you only need to buy one. So less sales for them

  3. yeah - hostas are fabulous! My only prob is the slugs love them, but that's nothing a little sluggo can't fix. If I want to divide them, I do it as they're just coming up. That way I can see them, but they're not terribly unwieldy. The pieces will also then quickly grow into nice round plants. If I buy new hosta plants, I always cut them in half. Instant BOGO.

  4. Woohoo! They look fantastic! A friend gave me a bunch of divisions from her various hostas last year and I was so excited to see them come back up this year - they look so cool as they emerge and unfurl! Love that whole border you have going on!

  5. It seems to me that I've read that you don't have to divide hostas as often as other plants, and some never need to be divided. I have had to move some, and it's best as soon as the leaves come up. The ones I moved from under the tree are doing fine.

    I'm sorry about your hops plant. That is pretty crummy that they didn't guarntee the plant.

  6. Definitely divide when they first come up. It's almost impossible to split them when they are nice and full, since you'd be ruining a lot of foliage and you can't see the eyes to clearly. If you have at least 1 eye on a hosta, it will grow more hostas! They are crazy multipliers!


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