Friday, May 13, 2011

A Plant Exchange with my Dad

For Mother's Day, I went home to Jersey to see mom.  We had our first barbeque for the season.  Yum, nothing beats the first barbeque!  All winter long I craved barbequed chicken, hot dogs, shish kabobs and grilled steak.  I burned the chicken a little here.  Yikes.
My dad also made his special Cantonese Style Atlantic Blue Crabs.  Cooked traditionally, it is stir fried with black bean sauce, soy sauce, ground pork, and an egg.  And boy is it delicious.  This is my absolute favorite way to eat crabs, it's so flavorful.
My dad is a big time gardener, he saves his own seeds and has a vegetable garden every year.  This year, he and I traded plants!  He gave me seedlings of Japanese Eggplant and Chinese Hairy Squash / Gourd.  I'm not a big fan of hairy gourd, it has fine hairs all over the squash.  The taste is very similar to zucchini but much lighter and milder in taste.  I'm growing it in my garden for him to eat, since I don't care for the taste.
I gave him my seedlings of Brandywine tomatoes and marigolds. We were both very happy with our trades.  This will be the first time growing heirlooms for him.  :)
Dad also insisted that we take home some of his prized homemade compost.  He has a large pear tree in his backyard and all the inedible pears are thrown in the compost ever year.  This compost is 3 years in the making!  Here's the hubs shoveling it into large buckets.
Isn't it gorgeous.  His compost was really fine and looked so rich and amazing.  Our plants will love this stuff for sure.  Dad loves composting just as much as I do. Now I know why I love to garden, it's in our blood!
I do have a non-garden related question for all you bloggers out there.  Has anyone ever migrated their blog from Blogger to Wordpress.  I've been pretty unhappy with Blogger lately, especially now since I'm over my limit in images.  (argh!) I want to migrate my blog over, but I was wondering how easy or hard it is to do.  Any insight would be great!


  1. You have an image limit w/ blogger? :( I didn't know that!

    I tried Wordpress once but didn't have the patience to figure it out...however, I believe you have a lot more options w/ it.

  2. I haven't migrated, so no advice there. But you know you can link to images on Photobucket, right? That's what I do now that I've run out of free space on Picasa.

  3. I checked out WordPress this morning, and I'm not so sure I could work with it after the ease of Blogger. It sure was scary to have them down for so long though, I'm working real hard at getting every one of my posts saved to a file on my computer, just in case.

  4. What great trades. In some ways your dad is growing heirlooms if he's been saving the seeds for years.

    I migrated from Blogger this winter.

    The migration was easy. There is an importer that moves all your posts, tags and photos over to the wordpress blog.

    It does take more know-how to customize it the way you want it to look or for the plug-ins you want but there are lots of help forums out there and a lot more options.

  5. It's wonderful that you share a love of gardening with your dad.....more plants!!

    Good luck with moving your blog-after this last bout of troubles with Blogger I wouldn't mind moving myself, but I'm REALLY bad on a computer and wouldn't be able to figure that one out!

  6. ohhh! The blue crabs look delicious!!

    I looked into wordpress originally but it looked like it would take time to get used to. I think flikr also gives you more storage.

  7. It's worth it to get a pro account. Just host all images there and you're good to go!


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