Thursday, May 19, 2011

How I Like to Eat Horseradish

In my last blog post on growing horseradish, Bill from Surburban Hobby Farmer asked me what type of foods that I like to put horseradish in.  Well, I'm a little embarrassed to say this but my favorite way to use grated horseradish is to put in a Bloody Mary.  If I grew horseradish just to use it for this purpose, that would be alright by me! (hahahaha)  However, I do like it in other foods.  Really.  I do.  (wink.) I also like to use horseradish as a condiment.  Shredded horseradish raw is an amazing condiment with German bratwurst.  Yum.  And with pork chops.  Super yum. You can also make a pretty good sandwich spread with horseradish, mix it with mayonnaise and mustard, and it really kicks it up a notch. 
But, back to Bloody Marys.  LOL.  I love Bloody Marys because the drink is as hearty as a meal, and it is...semi-healthy right?  I mean, there is a good serving of veggies, like how nutritious can you get, it is mostly tomato juice, and only a bit of vodka.  Hahaha.  Looking at the ingredients of this drink, I wonder if I can grow everything that goes in it.  I do grow tomatoes, but I have no idea how to make tomato juice.  I wonder if you need to put the maters into a juicer or a blender?  Do you make your own tomato juice? Other ingredients I put in my Bloody Mary are a good helping of celery, tabasco sauce, and lemons.  This year in the garden I'm growing Utah Celery, which is definitely going to be tasty in this drink. I'm also growing Chili peppers, so maybe I can make my own tabasco sauce.  That would be pretty awesome.  And I do have a meyer lemon tree, although it has yet to produce fruit.  I have been giving the tree organic citrus fertilizer, so I'm hoping for some lemons this year!  Check out some of my Utah Celery seedlings, the seeds given to me by Food Garden Kitchen.  I can't wait to get these babies to size, won't these look good in my Bloody Mary drink? 


  1. I like bloody mary's. I do them as virgin mary's and I'm just as happy.

  2. Just another thought if you like Shrimp Cocktail, you could add the grated horseradish to ketchup to make a cocktail sauce ;)

  3. Meems! I did a post last year on how to make bloody mary mix. The mix is very thick and is just a base for all of the other goodness you can put into it. here it is Also, on my italian diced tomatos post, it shows how I save the juice. The juice is so wonderful to have during the winter and has such wonderful flavor. You could just add all of your goodies to that for a bloody mary.

  4. Wow it has been a long time since I had a bloody mary- and boy do they look good!

  5. I am also a big fan of the bloody mary. Yes indeed. The perfect place for horseradish!

    Cocktail sauce for shrimp - check. Sandwich spread, check. I also love horseradish grated onto freshly sucked oysters - yum.

    My husband makes an amazing horseradish vinaigrette dressing - not sure what kind of oil/vinegar he uses or what else goes in, but definitely worth playing around with for kicking up the salad dressing a notch!

  6. i absolutely LOVE bloody marys. I just planted some horseradish the other day. The roots were completely dried out. like practically brittle. I hope something will come of them. They were in a great store where everything looked right, and all the packages were like that so I hope they're just resting...


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