Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lush Climbing Rose Bush

Last month, I wrote about the Lilac bush we rescued that is doing well. Here is the other bush we rescued, the climbing rose bush. It grew back so lush and beautiful!  I am so excited about how it really thrived after transplanting it. I was so worried about it, because it wasn't easy digging it out of the ground with such well established roots.  I'm now on the lookout for a nice trellis system for the rose bush to climb on. 
For comparison, this is what the bush looked like when we transplanted it last fall.
I saw that the bush is full of rose buds!  I don't know anything about the variety of the bush except that the color of the roses are red.  I can't wait to see it bloom!


  1. Very glad to see it doing so well after the transplant. You are truely a plant saver.

  2. I just bought a climbing rose today, unfortunately I don't have anything for it to climb on. Everything is taken with other climbers. This might force me to buy another trellis.

  3. You have a very green thumb for rescued plants. Both plants have done well with your TLC!!

  4. Hey! Great to see it all green and healthy-looking! Looks like it's getting ready to bust open anytime now! Congrats - what a great score.

  5. I'm glad you were able to rescue those plants. Great job!

  6. YAY! Plant savers RULE! I rescue so many things - it's very easy to get too many, but it's worth it!


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