Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rhubarb Valentine Sorta Returns

Continuing with my update on edible perennials, here is our Rhubarb Valentine coming back. These like our other perennials are 1 year old plants. Although this plant looks lush and healthy, I am disappointed because of the 4 bareroot plants that I bought from last year, only one survived and grew back. Since I paid $21.00 for 4 plants, so it is very disheartening. I've been disappointed with Burpee before. I don't think I will give them any more of my business. I'm not actually a big fan of rhubarb, my husband likes it better than I do.  He grew up eating rhubarb in pie and jams, I didn't.  Maybe I'll grow to like it.  I'm thinking that I should contact Burpee customer service to complain about the plants. What do you think, should I complain about the plants?  Have you ever complained about a product 1 year later?  (sigh)
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  1. I love Rhubarb and am trying to find a bare root in my area I can plant.

    Check out what Burpee's guarantee is on their products....if it is a year or so, I would definitely call.

  2. They might replace them...never can tell.

  3. I've never complained about plants that haven't returned, but I have complained to Burpee about a plant that arrived dead.

    My thinking on this is -- plants aren't like toasters, they don't come with a guarantee. They're living things, and so many factors contribute to their demise, that it's hard to blame the vendor.

    Rhubarb needs very rich soil, with lots of ferts, high in organic matter. And you might be ok with just one plant, since only your husband likes it.

  4. I would definitely complain. Home Depot has a 1 year guarantee on their plants - and for good reason! Plants like that SHOULD come back after one year. Call and complain!

  5. My rhubarb hasn't started coming back either. Awfully strange.

    Yes, if I remember where I got a plant, I will complain if it died. I find that the prices that plant places charge are so high that they can afford to replace a plant if it didn't come back.

  6. Oh, and, I like my rhubarb cooked down into rhubarb sauce. Kinda like apple sauce, but with rhubarb!


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