Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Sign of Good Soil

Last year, when we removed the sod to create garden beds, we realized that our soil was pretty horrible. It had a high content of sand and clay, and was pretty much void of any good nutrients. So we've been amending the soil a lot by adding in purchased soil, composted manure, peat moss, and our very own homemade compost.  We also grew buckwheat as a cover crop in the Fall.  Well, this year, as I've been planting seedlings into the garden, I've seen a welcomed sight!  Earthworms!  Lots and lots of earthworms!  When we gardened last year, we saw very little earthworms.
This year, practically everywhere we dig, there they are.  Earthworms are a good sign of good soil.  They bring nutrients back into the soil.  Hooray!  Glad we are doing something right!


  1. I was so happy when we first worked our garden space that there were LOTS of worms. Worms are awesome!
    Congrats on the success.

  2. Bravo on your soil revitalization! That's no small feat, and the appearance of the little friends is a huge slap on the back. I came across an interesting, if brief, discussion about urban soil, the problems it presents, and how gardening initiatives are trying to handle these problems: I'm starting to toy with the idea of planting a plot or two, myself... Congrats again!


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