Thursday, May 12, 2011

Garden Kitty is Back!

All of last year, when we were out in the garden, we had a little visitor come visit us practically every other day.  We called him Garden Kitty, because he loved to go into the vegetable garden with us and roll around in the beds.  I didn't really want him to be in there, so I would pick him up and scoot him out of the veggie garden and let him play in the yard instead.  He was a good kitty though, he didn't eat any of the veggies or pull them out of the ground.  I was hoping that Garden Kitty is someone's outdoor pet, but he's outside ALL the time, so I fear he's a stray, or someone used to have him as a pet and abandoned him.  He's really friendly and let's you pick him up and pet him.  Look at this face!  I was so happy to see that he survived our harsh winter.  And the first time I saw him this spring, he greeted us with meows and purrs.  When I see him, I give him food and water and he scarfs it up.  He's a hungry little stray.
On this day, he decided to take a nap on our patio.  I noticed that he has a new scar on his forehead.  Poor kitty, he must have gotten into a fight with another animal.
Here he is napping.  I need to give him a new name.  Calling him "garden kitty" is not a good name at all.  What do you think we should name him?
After I was done with my garden chores, I went inside.  Moments later, I noticed he was outside waiting for me by the back door.  This totally breaks my heart.  If I didn't already have 3 cats, I would definitely take this fellow in. However, he's an outdoor cat, and all of my cats are indoor cats.  I  couldn't have one cat be outdoors and the others indoors, for fear that he could bring illnesses and fleas to the others.  We'll do our best to make Garden Kitty's life comfortable by feeding him and giving him an outdoor shelter.  Maybe he'll just be our outdoor only cat, if he doesn't already have an owner in the neighborhood.  There is still a possibility that this is someone's cat, because of how friendly he is.  I hope so! 


  1. LOL I wonder where's he's been all winter?! We had a cat like that, we called him "Porch Kitty" since he claimed our porch as his home. I worked at a veterinary hospital so one day I took him with me and gave him a rabies vaccine and neutered him, after that we didn't see him for about 6 years (I wonder why!), then last year he was back!

  2. We have indoor cats, barn cats and yard cats. I have 6 in the house.... 2 of them came in from outside well after we had the other ones.

    It took a while, but they all accept each other now.

  3. We have three cats: two girls and one boy. The girls were adopted at the Humane Society and the boy showed up at our door, just like "Garden Cat".

    We named him "Hugo Boy" and he wanted by all means to come inside with the girls (which, by the way, are indoors cats). So we let him. And never outside anymore! They are all "fixed" and became good friends. Hugo Boy could be Garden Cat's twin brother. They look the same.

    Oh, we also have two huge dogs that play with the cats.

  4. Awe! You are right - if he is so friendly, someone probably loved him at one time.

    You can have him be your outdoor only kitty. We have a 'barn cat' and she prefers it that way. She stays outside and when it gets cold, hubby has a box with a bed in the garage for her.

    We worm her and give her flea treatments so I don't worry about anything if my indoor cat runs she tends to do occassionaly!

  5. Heartbreaking. The best thing you could do for him would be to get him neutered. (but I am VERY happy to hear you'd be willing to put out a shelter and food for him!

    Clearly he must have been someone's pet - he's certainly not he may already have been neutered...can you tell at all?

    Are there any local rescue groups that might be able to assist in finding a foster home or posting him on Petfinder?

    I know that offers discounted certificate that can be used at participating vets locally for a greatly reduced rate to have rescued cats neutered...

    Since we moved into our place last August I've had 13 feral cats spayed/neutered - and there were 6 ferals there who were already ear-tipped (meaning they've been neutered.) It has helped in every possible way (no more inclinations to wander, fight, mate, mark territory, cause trouble in general, etc.) Most importantly - they won't be contributing to the horrible over-population problem we have in Brooklyn.

    We put out straw-stuffed winter shelters for them (they use them when it's hot for shade too) and feed them, and they all made it through winter. They come and go, but we have several semi-permanent residents who cause no problems in the garden (but they like to watch me work!) One benefit - there are no squirrels going after my tulip bulbs!

    If you can get more photos of him let me know - sure would be nice to find this guy a home.

  6. Awww is right. Sometimes cats are feral but friendly as they WERE someones pet once. Ya never know what happens! At one point in time our yard was a rather large country yard ~ all the strays found it. We ended up caring for them of course. He probably needs food and water and love, which is why he found you.

  7. I'm glad you have a garden friend. I'm sure you could keep him as an outside kitty. He seems very friendly and helpful in the garden! =0)

  8. I'm with Aimee, just let him be an outdoor kitty. It looks like he likes the 'freedom' of an old Tom cat, but loves the companionship of loving people when HE wants it. Because we all know that cats own people, rather than the other way around. Maybe you can call him Farmer Tom, since he's a Tom cat and likes the garden, lol..cute lil name for a cute lil fella. There are some cats that have many homes, and they would have it no other way. He probably visits many neighbors (the nice ones, anyway), and they all call him something different, and he doesn't mind it at all. He was just waiting to see if you were coming out again, if not, it was catnap or bath time in the shade of the deck, he looked totally content lying there, or else he'd be yowling and trying to climb your screen, and it appears he knows his manners enough not to do that. Just continue the way you are, maybe put a 'small' dog house w/a blankie (or straw) under the deck or by the back porch so he knows he has an apartment to stop in during his walk-abouts, maybe a lil water bowl that stays out next to it for times you may not be home but he may be parched, and the house will continue to serve him well during the winter. You're a good soul, Mimi, he knows this, he trusts this, and it's what draws him to you...he knows you'll take care of him if need be. :)

  9. how did you get your lost post back up?! I see mine from that day is missing too, blogger dumped everyones!

  10. If you're feeding Garden Kitty, he isn't a stray... he's yours! That will be good for mice in the garden.

  11. I think his name is Garden Kitty! :)

    We have an outdoor cat. We feed bad sometimes like the neighbors will think we're really irresponsible but Sassy LOVES the outdoors. In fact, we only recently started letting her in during the dead of winter. Prior to that, she'd prowl the streets and sleep nights in the shed. She's much loved and well taken care of (I mean shots, flea stuff, heartworm stuff, regular shots). I guess the people on the street behind us were feeding Sassy, and being the street-smart greedy fat cat that she is, she goes to people's doors and waits for food. She's not slim like Garden Kitty. Sassy's belly practically hangs to the ground. I'm always afraid someone will try to take her in and give her shots and all - when we already do so. I guess that would be bad. We've spent probably over 200 on different types of collars. The breakaway/safety ones she loses in about a day or two. The ones that don't breakaway we don't use anymore. Once, one side got caught under her arm and she didn't come home for a few nights (rare). When she did, she had a gaping wound from the collar under her arm. That was a several hundred dollar surgery! Anyway. Don't know what my point is.


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