Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dreaming of Blackberry Jam

My plan for the yard is to plant as many edible perennials as possible.  I love the idea of fruit and vegetables that come back year after year with little work.  I bought this Navajo Blackberry plant last year on major clearance for $4 at Home Depot. It was just a tiny stick when I brought it home. It has more than doubled in size already this year. I wonder when it will start producing fruit? I love blackberries, so I can hardly wait. I also want to buy an Apache Blackberry too. I hear they are large fruit and just delicious. Do you grow blackberries? What is your favorite variety?
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  1. If they are anything like the wild ones we have here in the Pacific NW they may produce this summer.

  2. You should have fruit this year.

    We have the thornless, think we have arapaho and navaho. One of the varieties get's huge.

  3. We grow blackberries in our school courtyard, but I'm not sure i'd recommend our variety - it got a fungus, so I cut it back hard to try to get rid of it. It's slow to leaf out this year. I think it still has the tag so I'll check...

  4. Hey! It's doing alright for a Home Depot clearance item that was little more than a stick! Congratulations! I can't wait to see if you get some berries from it this summer!

  5. I love big, far, cold, juicy blackberries! There is a thornless one, but I don't think it will grow in zone 10 here. I can't grow one with thorns here...the birds would have the seeds scattered EVERYWHERE!!! My neighbors would want to kill me! :)
    Sure hope you start to see some fruiting soon!!!


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