Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Following the Advice of Mr. Brown Thumb

I am no expert in growing Amaryllis plants, but I really enjoy watching them grow and bloom. Recently, I've been looking at one of Mr. Brown Thumb's resource blogs, for all things associated to growing Amaryllis. How to best plant them, how to pollinate them, and how to produce Amaryllis offsets. I've been blogging about my Samba Amaryllis. I tried to pollinate both set of blooms as Mr. Brown Thumb demonstrates. I think some of them fertilized. It looks like the early stages of fertilization as shown on here. Now I just have to wait and hope that seed pods form in a few weeks. Crossing my fingers.
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  1. This is fascinating! Good luck with this.

  2. Those look like seed pods to me.

  3. Those do indeed look like they're seeds!

  4. Still a little early, but I think you may have had success here. If the pollination didn't take they turn yellow and shrivel right away, but yours look good.

  5. I will definitely try to pollinate my amaryllis when it blooms. The bloom will be a surprise, so hopefully I have a nice one that's worth pollinating!


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