Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An American Classic

Thank you everyone for commenting on my panic attack of the garlic sprouting.  I am so relieved that everything is normal. Thanks also for all the tips you all provided.  It's great to know that there is a wealth of knowledge out there in the gardening blogosphere. I don't know where I can find straw in my area, I might just cut my grass and let it dry so I can use it as mulch.

I was going through photos on my camera and came across these photos that I forgot to post.  My friend and I met up in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn 2 weeks ago to go shopping.  Well, she did the shopping, and since I'm on a budget I just "window" shopped.  Boerum Hill has a lot of cute boutiques, vintage furniture stores, restaurants.  While walking around, I saw this garden store called Dig.   They had nice plants and awesome containers and plant supplies. There were so many things I wanted to buy, but I resisted because I am trying to spend only on what I need, not what I want. It is SO hard to resist, but I'll come back when I have saved, and can spend money there.

After all the walking around, we were famished.   We went to the The New St. Clair Restaurant because we were in the mood for burger and fries.   The St. Clair is a "fancy" diner.   Burgers are such an American classic, and yet, sometimes it's hard to find a good juicy beef burger!  This was one of the best burgers that I've had in a really long time.  The burger I ordered was called the Mexican, it had avocado, jalapeno peppers, salsa and cheddar cheese.  So good!  And the fries were crispy and perfectly cooked.
With the burger, I ordered an egg cream.  I don't know why they call it egg creams, when it's just chocolate syrup, milk and seltzer.  It's one of my favorite drinks!  Before the burger came out, the waiter brought out cole slaw, dill pickle and a toasted piece of bread with brushetta on top.  Everything was so fresh and delicious!  The cole slaw was freshly made and had apples and yellow raisins in it.  I don't normally like raisins but it was so tasty with the cabbage.  I'll have to try to re-create it.  I love home made cole slaw.
When we left the diner, we were stuffed, so full!  But then we eyed this deliciousness in the window of another restaurant down the street.  It literally stopped us in our tracks!
I had to bring one home for the hubs since he loves, loves, loves cupcakes.  His favorite is chocolate, so this is what I brought home.  Dark Chocolate ganache cupcake.  It was sinfully divine!


  1. Egg creams must be a northern thing, I've never heard of them. Looks like a great lunch and a fun day.

  2. Yum that looks delish and that store looks like it could quickly empty pockets ;)

  3. wow looks delish! You might want to check the big box home improvement stores for straw, usually only at this time of year in the city, but they sell straw bales near the cornstalks and pumpkins, for Halloween decoration - they might be more expensive this way, about 5-6 per bale in our area, but if you don't have many beds to cover you could get away with only a couple.

  4. I do a lot of window shopping.

    The food looks good.

  5. awwwww....what a wonderful (or awful for the diet!) post to read just as I'm getting ready to leave work! Surely there's a cupcake store on my way home...

    That store looks sooo cool!

    I always thought straw would be hard to find too, but I can always get it at the garden centers. Line your car though b/c a bale of straw can be messy.

    Another thing you could try is using a cover crop that you could then chop down and use as mulch. Of course, grass is great too!!

  6. They you go posting about good food when I'm hungry :) It's looks like an awesome place to shop and have a great day with your friend. I love that little store "Dig". If it makes you feel better I'm on a budget also, I'm really trying to be good. Too much temptation out here!!!!! And "EggCreams" we use to get when we were (good) I mean little at our local drugstore/deli, Yum.

  7. oooohh, an egg cream - it's been *years* since I had one. I might need to remedy that soon...

    The burger and fries do look mighty tasty. Hang in there on the spending thing. As a reformed shopper myself, I can assure you that being debt-free and with money in the bank will bring you much more piece of mind than any material trinket. It gets easier with time :)

  8. Yummy! It's 7 in the morning and I sure wish I had that burger right now!! Never had a egg cream-but it sounds good.

  9. Looks delicious. I love egg creams ;)
    I don't get to Brooklyn often, but that Dig place looks really cool. I'll have to check it out if I'm ever in the area.


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