Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Love

When we were up at the family farm, we picked out 2 pumpkins for our front steps. I just love pumpkins as decoration.  I definitely need to grow some next year in the garden.   I picked up these mums at Home Depot. I had a buy one get one coupon. Score. I don't love the look of mums when they are a big ball, however, I can't pass up a buy one get one. LOL. I think I'll plant these in the ground so they can grow more free form next year. I haven't decided yet... My mom leaves the mums in the containers and they come back year after year. What do you do, do you leave them in the containers? Or do you plant them in the ground.


  1. The steps look great! I confess I don't appreciate the "ball" either, LMAO! I have a hard time describing that, but you did it perfectly! I put mine in the ground, and find that as they grow they spread quite a bit and the "ball" effect is lessened. I kept 2 in containers from last year on my deck and although they are blooming, they don't look nearly as good as the ones in the ground.

  2. Your pumpkins and mums are the perfect decoration. Happy Fall.~~Dee

  3. They probably won't spread. Mine don't. They still grow in a clump.

    Happy early Halloween.

  4. the alternating pumpkins and mums look great!As for pots or in the garden, I continue to try and reduce our work load... in the garden they go. ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. They would be easier to take care of if planted in the garden.

  6. Great fall display! I have also bought a few mums ( dark burgundy in my case). I got a similar deal to your Home Depot bargain (two for the price of one), but in my case it was a the grocery store. Maybe it is because we have harsh winters here in the frozen lands of Ontario, I have never had good luck with over-wintering mums. Sadly, the only future that awaits my mums at the end of the fall season, is the compost heap.


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