Friday, October 15, 2010

Soaking up the Last Weeks of This!

Every Saturday during the summer, we were lucky to have a farmer's market in our neighborhood. A five-minute drive brought us here!
The market is smaller now, with less vendors as the season winds down.  There are still some amazing produce to be had, check out these beautiful peppers.
And look at these radishes.  Oh how I wish ours grew like this.  I don't even like radishes, but my husband eats them like candy.
A farmers market in the fall season always has a vendor selling apples!  I have been doing research on food dehydrators.  I really want to invest in one but don't know which one to get, and the really good ones seems to be expensive, $150.  If I get one of the less expensive ones, do they work?  If I had one, I definitely would have picked up some apples to dry them.  I love dried apples.  Do you have a dehydrator?  Would you recommend the one you currently use? 
I loved these crates of watermelon.  I didn't buy any because we were given a huge watermelon as a gift from a family friend up in the North Country.
We bought leeks and carrots! I plan to make soup with these.  I can't wait!


  1. Hi... You are so lucky to have a great looking farmers market!! I live around alot of farmed land but good fresh veggies are often hard to find. My husband is the garlic grower... I am going to have to show him your tips! You got some great seed garlic, big cloves!!!
    Thankss for your so sweet comment tonight:-)

  2. Sorry I can't give you any info about food dehydrators. I would love to get one myself. Lucky you to have a Farmer's Market so close by. :)

  3. I wish we had a market like that near us, but I stop in at any we get near to!

    Your soup is going to be good.

  4. Yum!

    No dehydrator here -

    The most adventurous I got this year was to make pickles...then pickled jalapenos...then two batches of apple butter...I did the apple butter in a crockpot: YUM!

    Good luck on the dehydrator answers!

  5. Our cheap Nesco food dehydrator just broke, it is the third one we have gone through in 5 years...we do work them pretty hard though. I plan on purchasing a higher quality one in the future, wish I would have done so in the first place.

    Lucky you, living so close to the farmers market...I want some of those red peppers.:)

  6. What a wonderful farmer's market!!!!

  7. That looks like a great farmers market. Some I have been to have been light on the produce and heavy on "crafts". I visit a good one we have in a local town nearby but have a hard time finding something to buy because the seasonal produce is exactly what I am growing and have even fresher in my own garden. I purposefully go looking for fruit because that is something we do not produce enough of - and am often very dissappointed with how little is available for sale.

    Hope the leek and carrot soup turned out lovely for you.

  8. I just found your blog randomly, and it's great! I don't know if this is much help, but I have an old (probs fairly cheap)dehydrator of my mom's that I've been using to dehydrate apples, and the results have been nice! If you're buying new, it's probably good to research and invest in something top of the line, because you can probably find a lot of use for it, but if you want to pick up something cheap at a yard sale or thrift store, it would probably work on apples. (Mine has been recalled to life from my mom's basement for about a year now.)


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