Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm feeling a little claustrophobic lately. Why you may ask? Because we brought in every plant that needed or wanted to come indoors. Crowded much? Our front enclosed porch is now filled with a hibiscus, a gardenia, a meyer lemon, a meyer lime, 3 pots of mint, 2 pots of basil, 5 pots of bell peppers, 1 oregano and 1 pointsetta. Most people would just let the herbs die off until next year, but I love fresh herbs so much that I want to see how long it will last indoors. I'll take another photo from a different angle later so you can see how our porch has now become our greenhouse. LOL!


  1. That's a familiar sight! At least I know I'm not the only one doing it!

  2. As far as I know you could plant the oregano and mints in the ground there. Not long before we bring in a lot of plants, not looking forward to it either.

  3. I wish I could do the same with some of my plants. Whenever I bring any flowers or plants in my cats start grazing, and then I start the cleanup.

  4. How cozy!! Now you have your own little jungle to help ward off the cold NY winters!! Perhaps you could bottle up all that extra oxygen and sell it? :0)

  5. It is so hard to just let them go! We haven't had frost yet (luckily) but will soon. I'll have to look into getting a porch :-)

  6. That is a lovely mix to be crowded by! :)

  7. Hi Meemsync~~ I think I'm going to be doing the same thing soon at least with my ginormous tender banana. ... Your plants look really healthy.

  8. Claustrophobia is the natural winter condition for plant lovers, no?

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  10. Sometimes it's good to be crowded.


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