Friday, October 22, 2010

Surprise Morning Glory

I'm so amazed with the resilience of plants. In the spring I had planted some morning glories that I grew from seed near the edge of the fence in the garden. Then we were hit with a really hot hot summer and the plants really wilted and I thought the morning glories died before ever blooming. However the other day, I saw this one blooming! It's amazing how it bounced back!


  1. I posted pics of morning glories on my blog the other day. They re-seeded and grew everywhere. I left most of them in and watched them meander through anything they could find. It's always nice to find a surprise in your garden.

  2. I love this color of MG. This one is hardy and survives our mild winters in 10b. Great Shot.

  3. Nice to have these surprises every once in a while. Very pretty color.

  4. Isn't that funny? I planted some years ago and not since, but just yesterday I saw one growing up in a crack in the concrete patio spacers! Enjoy!

  5. I like morning glories, but they are a bane in my garden.

    They are high on my pull up list, because once the seeds spread they tried to take over all our plants.


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