Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wrong Colors!

My niece is on a soccer team and every year around this time her team sells mums to raise money for uniforms, the bus, and other team activities. I like to support fundraisers like this so I put in an order with my sister to get 3 mums for my front yard. I told her to order for me 2 rust colored mums and 1 purple mum. Well, last week, my husband and I went to pick up the mums and this is what she gave us! I told my sister she was color blind! Instead of rust, we got burgundy and instead of purple we got white! My niece told me that the mess up must have been because when they picked up the mums, nothing was labeled and all the plants had closed buds so everything looked alike. (sigh) I guess I have to deal with mis-matched mums this season.


  1. Look on the bright side...if the only problem you're dealing with in life is one of mismatched mums, life is good :)

  2. I agree with Foodgardenkitchen! :) Life could be so much worse. By the way, I planted the chinese mustard seeds you sent me and my plants are doing very well. Do I wait tell they are full grown to pick them or can I pull off the outer leaves like you do with leaf lettuce? Thanks for the info on the Egg Creams. Maybe someday I will make it to NY and will have one.

  3. It really doesn't matter what color they are cause they are pretty all mixed up.

  4. Ah well. They're beautiful even if not the right colours. That sure is an occupational hazard with buying mums before they bloom. There's always a bunch that are mislabeled from the grower. Still cheery, nevertheless.


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