Sunday, October 24, 2010

Free Plants!

When we brought in the mint plant, I noticed that it had sent out runners. Everyone warned me about how mint reproduces like crazy, but I love mint, so I don't mind having an overload of it.
I clipped the little plants so that I could plant them in their own pots.
They have roots growing already, so all I need to do is to plant them in soil.
Who doesn't like free plants?
I took another photo of the enclosed porch.  Yesterday, I wrote about how crowded it was getting.  There are a lot of plants in here, but I think I can squeeze a few more in!!


  1. Ooh do I see blooms on that plant? Pretty!

  2. I love mint too and have several kinds even chocolate. It is fun sharing it. Mine dies back in winter and sometimes I think it is gone for good but nope, up it comes in spring and spreading all over.

    Have a good week.

  3. My mint has turned its nose up at the cold and died off. I'm hoping it might re-emerge next year, but I am pessimistic about its chances.

  4. You know I never thought of that, what a great way to propigate mint...I'll have to take a closer look at mine.

  5. We have it in the ground and my husband mows it....

  6. You might regret it. In my experience mint likes to take over everything. It is a very hardy and aggressive perennial.

  7. I've been bringing in plants too and feeling a bit claustrophobic. Mints are the multipliers of the plant kingdom aren't they? Love them.~~Dee

  8. I never even thought to bring the mint in. I have upgraded its pot several times this year and its huge. I guess losing it would free up space for something new!


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