Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Christmas in October?

We were in Home Depot the other day to pick up supplies for the raised beds that we are making and we saw Christmas decorations already up.  It's really weird to see Christmas stuff up when it's not even Halloween yet.  Seriously, who buys Christmas decorations now?


  1. I just hate that! I boycott, and refuse to do any shopping until the week before Christmas. That is, if I shop at all. Being so far away from the family, I usually just send $$ or gift cards. Last year my daughter sent me a $7 box of candy, and it cost her over $12 to mail it!

  2. I was ready to saw, 'Only in NY," but figured even probably in Texas they have the Christmas stuff displayed.

  3. That drives me nuts! and if that does how 'bout seeing decorations beginning the last week of August here in the PNW. Heck, why take them down at all?! We won't participate in the marketing.

  4. Ugh Christmas creep, I'm not even ready for Halloween yet.


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