Thursday, October 7, 2010

End of Season Sales Rock!

Even though summer is a thing of the past and I'm feeling a little sad about it, something to look forward to are all those great clearance sales. The hubs and I were at the Christmas Tree Shop (I love that store, he hates it, I have to drag him there) and I saw that they had these cedar folding Adirondack chairs on clearance. I've been bugging him all summer about how I wanted chairs like these, but I can't stand the thought of spending $100 a chair. I scored these chairs for $19.99 each! Being that I hate buying anything full price, this totally made my day! They weren't stained, but who cares! I rather stain them myself. I spent one sunny afternoon in the backyard putting a natural stain on it.
I let the stain dry a full week and moved the chairs indoors onto our enclosed porch because we've been getting so much rain lately. Then to finish the look, I saw these two outdoor seat pillows for sale at Home Depot for $5 each, they used to be $20! I moved my Meyer Lime plant back indoors and put it between the two chairs. I am loving the end result. Now that's $50 well spent!
Have you found any good deals lately?


  1. I hate to shop!! But, I love The Christmas Tree Shop. They have the best deals! I went there this week and got everything we needed for our trip to New Orleans next week. That was a great buy!

  2. Pretty! I love bargains, and rarely pay full price for much of what I buy.

    Our latest good deal was Mr. Granny's 42" Vizio TV. Not only was it marked down to $546, it came with a $100 gift card! That was the same day I got the 7-quart Rival crockpot for $18. The following week, I got the living room set on sale for several hundred dollars off, as well as the recliner for nearly half price. I always shop for summer clothes when they go on sale in the fall, and winter clothes in the spring, and hope my weight doesn't change too much to wear them at the proper time. I love sales!

  3. What a fantastic bargain you found, and those chairs definitely look like quality items, too! With all the consumer deals out there all the time, it hardly ever seems right to pay full retail price for anything anymore.

  4. Very cool bargain! I would love to have a pair of chair like that. $20 would be very harden to pass up!

  5. That's my kind of shopping! Good score on the chairs and they turned out purfect.

  6. What great chairs! I love the christmas tree shop too - you can always find such great things there. Enjoy them!


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