Friday, October 1, 2010

A Storm Blew In

I've been posting a lot about our visit to the farm, and even though I have a lot more to post about our visit, I had to share these photos first. I went outside to check on the garden today and feared for the worst. We had a really windy and rainy storm last night. The wind was howling! When I got to the garden, I saw that the hubs homemade trellis was completely knocked over!
Oh NO!! The snow pea plants!! I had 3 snow peas growing on this trellis, and they were all pulled from the roots. ARGH! Even more annoying this one plant had a snow pea beginning to grow on it. I'm so sad...


  1. Thanks for the visit. So, sorry to read about your storm damage. We have some old, very tall trees in our garden. After a storm I find that the yard if often littered with broken boughs. Enjoy the weekend. Jennifer

  2. Thanks to the 10 inches of rain and relentless winds the past week, my garden is a wasteland! I'll have to go out and survey the damage later today!

  3. That ol wind and rain can do a lot of damage.


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