Thursday, January 6, 2011

Building a House!

When I had the family over, my nieces were totally engrossed with building a gingerbread house.  My sister picked up one of those kits where you make your own sugar "glue" and you build the house by gluing the walls together. 
Then you decorate it with all kinds of fun candy.  Gum drops, m&ms, candy canes and chocolate.
I thought the house came out pretty good, though it sure looks super sweet!  My niece said the big green gum drops on the ground are shrubs.  LOL.  Too cute! BTW, who eats these houses? With all the candy, its so sweet!
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  1. My teeth wanted to fall out just looking at that house!

  2. Some of them are so elaborate that I think it would break my heart to eat them....

  3. I'm not even sure these houses would even taste good, but they are cute!

  4. aw, that's really cute - I love the icicles hanging down!

  5. Wendy took my comment. Those icicles are awesome! The shrub idea is cute, too.


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