Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seed Catalogs up the Wazoo!

Every other day, my mailbox has been cluttered with seed catalogs. I'm totally excited about most of the catalogs, like Botanical Interests, White Flower Farm, Burpee, McClure & Zimmerman, David Austin Roses but there are some which came unsolicited which really bothers me because I don't know if I should trust these catalogs.  I don't think I'll order from them since I don't know those companies, so it's such a waste of paper for them to send it to me.  I know they probably got my name from an order I placed with one of these reputable seed companies or from a book or magazine order I placed.  It's just plain annoying if you ask me.  Someone on the garden blogosphere referred to these seed catalogs as Garden Porn.  OMG, it so is!!


  1. Do you know that you can go to Dave's Garden Watchdog to find out which companies are most reputable? Gardeners have rated them based on their experiences with ordering or with the viability of the seeds. I've found it very useful.

  2. LOL....Never heard of that one!!

  3. Ohhh I just stole the Jung one from my mom! I am searching for a mushroom growing kit for hubby for his bday!

    If you don't get Bakers Creek Heirloom seeds catalog, they are a good one too -- lots of great and interesting seeds in there I think!

  4. I've always called Baker Creek garden porn, they really outdo themselves with the photography and settings! I toss all those crummy catalogs right away, if they don't proclaim the Safe Seed Pledge right away on page 1 then I have to wonder... what are they hiding LOL?!

  5. I do agree, I would just like to receive the catalogs I have requested not all the other crap.

  6. This is such information overload for me! This year, I've decided that I'm just going to stick to my old reliables - bluestone perennials (great, healthy stuff), and Baker Creek for veggie seeds. I also keep gardener's supply.

    I was suckered in by many great prices and coupons from some of the no-name guys and I guess the thing I've learned is that for me, it's important to have live plants rather than bareroot stuff. Often the super cheap prices are for bareroot. Great deal, but I tend to neglect them, they die, and I end up wasting money anyway.

  7. I still like looking at the pictures, even if I know I'm not going to order from them.


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