Friday, January 7, 2011

Showing Signs of Life

Last month, I wrote about how my hibiscus was in distress, her leaves were turning yellow and she was dropping them left and right. I discovered that where she was in the front porch was too cold and she wasn't very happy.  So I moved the hibiscus to my kitchen and she's coming back to life!  I saw that little leaves were growing back.
Here is a closeup, see the little green leaves? Hooray!
I spoke to Grammie and she said her 6 year old hibiscus goes dormant every winter and it's typical for it to drop leaves.  She said it was nothing to worry about.  Phew!  I feel so relieved that she's bouncing back.


  1. I was given one, so you bring it in when it's cold, like winter cold? Then out in spring after the last frost?

  2. Glad to hear it's doing better.

  3. I'm always thrilled when something like this happens! Maybe it's a sign of the endless possibilities that lie ahead in the new year!

  4. Yes, those fresh green leaves give us hope for the new growth expected in spring. I'm glad your hibiscus is perking up.


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