Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How My Farmers Market Plants are Doing...

If you read my blog, you've noticed that I've written very little about plants and gardening. It's because it's January, and there is about 1 foot of snow in my yard still and hardly anything is "growing" except for my indoor plants. Today however, I wanted to write an update about my indoor plants. Back in December, I bought some edible plants from the farmers market.  The Rosemary plant is doing really well.  In fact, I decided to re-pot it into a slightly larger pot.
The Pineapple Sage plant is doing even better.  It's grown much taller, and so, I had to replant it in a 6 inch pot.  It quickly outgrow the 4 inch pot it was in.
The plant that did horribly was my poor Dill plant.  I give up.  Seriously, look at this plant!?!  I have no idea why this one didn't do well at all.  It sat on the kitchen counter right next to the Rosemary and Sage plant, and yet, it still died.  (sigh)  I have had absolutely NO luck with growing Dill.  Even in the summer.  I'll have to try it again when it gets warmer.  For those of you with lots of luck with Dill, tips on how to successfully grow it is welcomed!


  1. I wish I had a few tips for you but I have not had great luck with dill either. The other herbs look to be doing well however.

  2. Looks like your herbs have been troopers! I had some pineapple sage last season but I didn't know what to do with it. I just let it grow and it had some pretty red flowers. On the dill, I just seeded some in a large container last season. They grew pretty well with little or no attention. I believe they're also self sowing. We'll see if some plants come back this year. Don't give up on the dill. Try again. I'm sure they'll do okay when it's warmer.

  3. Wow, that's so weird. Especially since you're FREAKING growing rosemary. Do you know how hard rosemary is for people to grow indoors? You're some kind of gardening goddess if you're growing rosemary over the winter, indoors!

    Don't let that goofy dill get you down!

  4. Dill either takes or it doesn't. The pineapple sage will get huge. Here is NC it waits until frost to bloom and of course it is not frost hardy.

  5. Love seeing rosemary in the house--the trick with it is not to let it dry out, which can happen rather quickly. Dill, like Randy says...it either grows or it doesn't. It is not your fault. Not ever! :-)

  6. I think that is a pretty large diameter stalk on the dill for being in a pot that size. Too large I think. Typically, if I had a dill plant with a stem diameter that size, the plant would be about 3 feet tall.

    I plant Bouquet Dill, by the way. I'm not sure of the type you have. It may have been struggling for survival in that pot all this time. It may just be dormant. I have had dill come back the next year in the stalks from the previous year, kind of like the fennel I am trying to grow. If you have a 10 or 12 inch container and feel adventurous, I would re-pot it into a container that size, give it average attention with watering and sun, and see what it does. Dill has always impressed me as being a kind of "wispy" plant. What you have there is a stalk, and that leaves me thinking that you could bring it back to health. Personally, I would re-pot it in a second. What do you have to lose?

    Dill is easy to grow from seed in the spring. I prefer a 16 inch diameter container so the roots have plenty of space, and it won't get blown over in the wind. You can always bring it in when a storm is coming since it's in a container. I learned that lesson well.

    Give it a go! Good luck with it.

  7. Your plants look Great! We had not luck with our garden grown dill this past year. And, it sure does make your preserved pickles taste better than the store bought stuff. So, we will try again this year. Our friends have no problem growing dill every year...but they have tons of sun! They also have been bring their rosemary plant indoors for the past two winters and it is now a huge bush...again, lots of sun!

  8. When I ignore my dill it does better. If I pamper it it seems to shrivel up and die. Try ignoring it! But yes keep it watered...

  9. I've never tried growing pineapple sage or dill inside. I'm thinking that I first started dill by getting some plants. They have seeded themselves each year since. I can't remember if I've grown dill from seed or not.

    Where did you put the plants in new pots? I don't have a good indoor place to do that.

  10. Hi Sue,
    The plants are by my windowsill and gets indirect sunlight. I think Veggie Pak is correct in that I should had replanted it in a bigger pot.
    I'll have to grow dill again in the summer.

  11. What do you do with the pineapple sage? I've never heard of it, but it sounds intriguing! I vote for a bigger pot for your dill, too. And if you plant outside, I think you have to be careful which plants you plant it near. Might want to check a companion plant chart.

  12. I've made tea with pineapple sage before.


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