Saturday, January 1, 2011

Something About a New Year

After spending yesterday catching up with my Highschool friends, we parted ways because we each had made other plans for the night. I had plans to meet my Graduate school friends for dinner, and then go to a New Year's Eve party with them. The party was at this amazing high-rise building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  It had the most fantastic rooftop which had 360 degree views of Brooklyn, the East River and Manhattan. My rinky dink cellphone camera just doesn't do this photo of the Manhattan Bridge justice.  In person, the view was pretty stunning. 
Here's another view of the other side of Williamsburg and the East River.  As we were on the rooftop counting down the seconds to the New Year, I couldn't help but feel excited about what's to come in 2011.   There's just something about a New Year that makes me feel really optimistic, especially with this unique bird's eye view overlooking an entire city. All the best to you all in 2011!


  1. I think your phone camera did quite well! Views like that are always more spectacular in person. I enjoyed the view.

    Yes, it's 2011. I'm looking forward to the days getting longer and longer.

  2. Really stunning views and I'm sure it was magical. Hope you have a great 2011!

  3. Happy New Year! Oh man I miss Brooklyn! ;(

  4. That must have been an amazing view, happy new year!


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