Saturday, January 22, 2011

These Pears are Like Candy

When we were upstate earlier this month to visit Grammie, she gave us two pears to bring home with us to enjoy.  She told us that the pears were a gift that came in a gift basket from Harry and David.  (Squeallllll)  Right away, I was extremely excited because I've received pears from Harry and David before, and oh wow, they are like Candy!!  I've always wondered what makes these pears out of this world good.  Are they growing them on magic trees or what?  LOL! They are perfectly sweet, and just the right ripe texture, not mushy or grainy, just perfect juicy goodness.  My parents have a bartlett pear tree in their backyard and they have never tasted like these before.  Harry and David is having a sale right now on their Royal Riveria pears.  Even on sale, it does seem kinda pricey, but take it from me, you won't be sorry!  They ARE delicious!


  1. I know. I'm scared to try pears b/c they're rarely good - but I remember the type you're describing, sweet with the perfect texture. There's a Harry and David here. Perhaps I need to hit the store rather than the supermarket for good pears!

  2. Oh, I have had these pears and this pair is making my mouth water.

  3. I find that it is hard to buy good pears. Even the ones I get at the framer's market often rot before they ripen. I will have to remember your recommendation next time I am on the hunt for pears.

  4. YUM! I buy H&D pears every year for my dad and brother's family. I know the secret to what makes them taste so good! Ready??? They're grown in OREGON! Another reason you should come visit! =0)

  5. Pears are one of my favorite fruits. That looks like a beauty. Never ordered from them but have been very tempted to do so.

  6. Those pears do look delicious. I might just have to order a few.


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