Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Winter Bloom

At Grammie's house, the second we walked in, we noticed the giant Amaryllis on her kitchen counter.  She told me that it was a gift from her niece, and that it was sent from White Flower Farm.  White Flower Farm is a bit pricier than other nurseries, but the product is stunning!  In my opinion, it's worth every penny.  Each bulb had two stalks of buds, with 4 giant blooms on each stalk.
Here is a closeup of the blooms.  Isn't it just stunning!  The photo doesn't do it justice, it's so much prettier in person!  Are you growing any winter blooms?


  1. Very nice! I really should try one of those someday!

  2. Hopefully it will multiply and she'll share!!!

  3. That flower is stunning! I'm just now catching up and wow, all the yummy food you've been posting about, nice!!


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