Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeding the Chickens

When we are at the family farm, I love to be in the barn and be around the farm animals. Here I am in the chicken coop helping with feeding them and giving them fresh warm water. Being that it's -10F out, they need warm water twice a day because the water freezes pretty quickly despite being in the barn. The barn is not heated, but it's a completely covered structure so they are out of the wind and snow. It's still pretty cold in there.
The farm has mostly hens, and 2 roosters.  In total, there's about 50 or so chickens in the coop.  The chickens are free range, they have a little doorway at the bottom of the coop for them to go outside to get fresh air and roam around the farm.  However, being that it's so cold, they mostly stay inside during the winter.  They eat only organic feed and organic vegetables.  Their egg production is less in the winter, but they still produce enough eggs for the family to eat all winter long.  None will be sold.  Eggs are sold starting spring, and they are so delicious.  100% organic and free-range chicken eggs are like no other!  So rich with flavor!
Here's a photo of the nesting box.  The hens take turns using the nesting boxes to lay their eggs.  Sometimes the hens are impatient and lay their eggs on the perching areas.  Hey, when you gotta lay, you gotta lay!


  1. If you have electricity in the barn then you could get a heated water bowl.

    I believe Jeffers has free shipping for $50 and over orders


  2. Smart chickens, I would stay in the barn too.

  3. I found a heated dog water bowl for our chickens. It works like a champ and we wouldn't be without it...Love it when you share your trips to the farm.

  4. I always find it so amazing that hens continue to lay in the cold winter months, I wouldn't blame them a bit if they stopped for awhile!


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