Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ice Fishing

During our winter visit to the farm, we took one of the days to go ice fishing on Black Lake.  Black Lake is a natural glacier lake, and is one of the best bodies of water in New York for fishing.  All the fishing gear went into a sled and we trekked to the middle of the lake.
Isn't this just gorgeous?
We headed straight for the green fishing shanty in middle of Black Lake.  The shanty was built by my father-in-law's friend. 
The shack / shanty was so cool!  It had a kerosene heater, a portable cook stove, lights, benches, shelves and a table.  He thought of everything it was brilliant!
Here I am in front of the shanty, I really wanted one of these!  I kept thinking, this would make a great garden shed!
I loved their sense of humor, this sign was on the door.  LOL
A photo of the hubs and I.  It started to snow when we were fishing.
The hubs and his dad drilling fishing holes with an auger.  They drilled 18 holes.
Here is the hubs setting up a tip-up with bait.  A tip-up is a jig for ice fishing, you put bait on the hook and then set the flag.  When there is a fish on the hook the flag will go vertical because of the tugging and pulling from the fish on the fish line.
My brother-in-law and his girlfriend setting up more tip-ups.  It was cold outside so two people working on the tip-up makes it go faster.  What is so great about tip-ups is that you can set them up and then go inside the fishing shanty to warm up and wait for the flags to be triggered.
We didn't catch any fish, but our fishing neighbors did.  Here he caught a nice size Pike.  I'm not sure why we were so unlucky, it's a bummer that we didn't catch one fish!
We saw this drawing on a plate hanging inside the fishing shanty.  I'm not sure who drew it, but I thought it was so cute, especially the picture of the squirrels, the rabbit, and duck.   There is a lot of waiting around when it comes to ice fishing, so I guess there's a lot of time to sketch or doodle. 


  1. This post is great, it reminds me of one of our all time favorite movies, "Grumpy Old Men". I was fascinated with their shacks..How fun.

  2. Boy, your post brings back some memories. We lived in upstate NY on Lake Champlain for one year when I was 6. In the winter the lake was covered with hundreds of ice houses for fishing.

  3. Nice Northern! I love this post, yep that's what we do for fun & excitement back home, have you seen any of the ice palaces yet? We have people who have bunks, woodstoves, etc in theirs, amazing they can fish while wearing only a t-shirt LOL! Sherri, that movie was filmed in my hometown LOL! You look quite at home in all that garb!

  4. NOOO! TOO COLD!! Look at the blowing snow! I did that when I was a kid at Copake Lake and it was enough to last me a lifetime! Brrrr!

    As a side point, I remember years ago seeing a picture of a pickup truck with a camper on it halfway down through the ice at Copake!

  5. Brrrrr. Too cold for me.

    Cute drawing.

  6. Looks like fun, we went ice fishing last weekend but did not catch anything. Nice fish you have there. Love that shack.:)

  7. Man..that's a nice sized pike! Ice fishing always reminds me of Walter Matthau..ha!

  8. wow, this is so cool. The shanty looks just out of the movies.

    I guess the ice is probably super thick, but does it ever crack and lead to horrible accidents?


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