Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amaryllis Re-Blooming

The Samba Amaryllis is really putting on a show. The other flower bud stalk bloomed this week. Now there are 5 flowers opened on the plant. WOW. It is such a spectacular display of blooms. I'm so happy with this bulb, and with the quality of White Flower Farm products!  I am so going to order from them again. I've grown Amaryllis bulbs from Home Depot before and it's never grown as nice as these.  This amaryllis is absolutely stunning!  The photo does not do it justice.
Here is a view from another angle.  Isn't it lovely?  Blooms galore!  It is so worth the $13 I spent!  Worth every penny.
What is so exciting is that when I was walking around the plant, I saw that the bulb has shot up yet another flower bud.  I have never had an amaryllis bulb produce 3 separate flowering buds before.  This is so beyond exciting!! Do you see the new growing bud down at the bottom of the plant?  I love this plant.  I only wish blooms this big had a fragrance!!


  1. The amaryllis, with all of those blooms is spectacular. You have such a green thumb it seems everything you touch grows well.

  2. Beautiful. I see there is a difference from the bulbs at HD. I've often wondered if it's worth spending the money mail ordering one.

  3. That's amazing! and beautiful!

  4. So awesome! You know the amaryllis bulb I thought was dead? It just started showing some green! Hooray! I'm pretty excited about that!

  5. Delightful! I've never tried to grow one but am becoming tempted now! Your is pretty darn spectacular - nice job!


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