Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hyacinths, my favorite spring bulb

Before we left on our trip, I saw that the hyacinths were starting to emerge.  Why oh why did I only plant 5 bulbs last fall?  Silly me, I should have planted way more!! 
When we returned home 5 days later, the hyacinths are starting to show some color.  Very cool.  Hyacinths are my favorite spring bulbs, I just love the scent.  This fall, I must plant many more! I can't wait until they bloom!


  1. I love those too! Mine have already bloomed and moved on. Happy spring!

  2. Yeah Spring! I love the way they smell too. I cut them and bring them inside to enjoy. The scent is just heavenly.

  3. I have not planted any but also intend on putting some in. The smell is devine.

  4. My hyacinths are just coming up, can't wait for them to bloom. I have some next to my front door so I can smell them everytime I come home.

  5. Your hyacinths look like mine right now - I am dying for them to bloom!


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